supporting our suppliers

At Chevron Australia, we know a thriving natural gas industry is dependent on a viable small business sector. During this time of uncertainty, we are determined to continue to do our bit to help.

19 March 2020

applications open for chevron’s Aboriginal cadetship program

Chevron’s Aboriginal Cadetship Program provides an exciting opportunity for Aboriginal students to commence a rewarding career in the energy and resource sector.

6 March 2020

chevron horizons program at top of graduate list

At Chevron Australia, we believe the greatest resources we have are human ingenuity, creativity and innovation. That’s why we invest in the next generation of problem solvers, equipping them to solve today’s biggest challenges and anticipate those on the horizon.

19 February 2020

anne hayes - muumbuluna

At Chevron Australia we are committed to building our knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal culture, strengthening the relationships between our Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal workforce and creating a more inclusive work environment and community.

11 February 2020

backing our defence reservists

As part of our commitment to an inclusive work environment, Chevron Australia is supporting employees to serve as defence force reservists, and still meet work and life needs.

19 January 2020

onslow business secures bus services contract for the chevron-operated wheatstone facility

At Chevron Australia, we’re committed to partnering with local businesses and the community to deliver long-term social and economic benefits, now and for generations to come.

7 January 2020

chevron recognised as gold standard workplace

For the fifth consecutive year Healthier Workplace Western Australia has awarded Chevron with Gold Recognition Status.

16 December 2019

michelle mippy - president of chevron's boola moort employee network

At Chevron Australia, diversity and inclusion is embedded in the way we work. Our employee diversity networks are a place to connect, share and learn.

4 December 2019

powering careers in energy

Through the talent and ingenuity of our people, Chevron Australia is solving some of the world’s most complex energy problems today and into the future – that’s why we are committed to powering the next generation of innovators.

27 November 2019

natural gas and solar microgrid to power onslow

The Chevron-operated Wheatstone Project is helping provide access to affordable, reliable, ever-cleaner energy in the community of Onslow through a solar and natural gas powered microgrid.

25 November 2019