feature celebrating earth science week in onslow

Students in a classroom in Onslow learning about earth science

At Chevron Australia, we’re committed to powering the next generation of innovators, improving education outcomes in our communities and encouraging STEM engagement across WA.

As part of Earth Science Week 2019, school students in Onslow enjoyed a hands-on experience exploring earthquakes, volcanoes, soil, and more with a visit from Earth Science WA (ESWA) this week.

The two-day visit provided an opportunity to expand delivery of existing Chevron education to employment programs in the communities where we operate.

ESWA CEO Jo Watkins said the sessions were catered to students’ year levels and what they are currently working on in class.

"We spent time with students from kindergarten to year 12 trying out hands-on science activities relevant to the area of science they're currently studying," she said.

“It brings another context to their STEM learning with cool stories and interesting connections that help to make the classroom activities come to life.”

Jo Watkins

CEO, Earth Science WA

Sessions covered topics including earth and space science, volcano building, exploring for gold and more.

One group even built structures engineered to withstand an earthquake. These were then tested using an earthquake generator to check the stability of each.

“The students were really engaged and totally fascinated which is great to see,” said Jo.

Chevron has partnered with ESWA for the last two years to help improve the quality of earth sciences and increase STEM interest and outreach amongst WA students and teachers.

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bringing earth science to onslow

Earth Science WA CEO Jo Watkins discusses the importance of STEM education, bringing hands-on earth science to students in Onslow and partnering with Chevron Australia to inspire the next generation of innovators.
bringing earth science to onslow