wheatstone marine terminal

The Wheatstone Marine Terminal (WMT) services the Chevron-operated Wheatstone LNG Plant and is part of the Port of Ashburton. The port comes under the jurisdiction of the Pilbara Port Authority.

The Port of Ashburton is located about 12 kilometres west of the town of Onslow and 131 nautical miles west south west of the Port of Dampier in Western Australia’s Pilbara region. The Port of Ashburton and the Port of Onslow share a common port boundary.

The WMT Berth is located at latitude 21 degrees 40.5 minutes south, longitude 115 degrees 00.4 minutes east.

An aerial view of the Chevron-operated Wheatstone LNG Ashburton North plant site

port entry

Mariners are referred to the Pilbara Port Authority (PPA) website.

This is the Port guide and gives details for port entry and general port regulations and information.

The Wheatstone Marine Terminal Manual gives details of the Terminal regulations and operational information. The manual can be found in reference information below.

Pilotage and Local Knowledge Requirements

The Port of Ashburton pilot boarding ground is located outside the compulsory pilotage area. The location of the pilot boarding ground for the Wheatstone terminal is:

Latitude 21° 26' 12.000" S (21° 26.2' S) Longitude 115° 07' 00.000" E (115° 07.0' E)

This location lies within the waters of the Port of Onslow. Ships Agents will be requested to pass on estimated time of arrivals (ETA's) to Pilbara Ports Authority (PPA) as per Port Handbook and the 48 Hour ETA to Department of Transport (DOT) via email. When departure time is known, both parties are to be advised by email.

All vessels operating within the Port of Ashburton port limits are to have on board a marine pilot licensed under the Western Australia Port Authorities Act 1999 and Regulation 2001, unless the vessel's Master holds a valid Pilotage Exemption Certificate for the Port of Ashburton.

Vessels calling at the Wheatstone Marine Terminal will be required to send details and ETA’s as laid down in the Port of Ashburton Port Handbook. This is in addition to the lifters contractual obligations for vessels loading under the Wheatstone lifting agreements. The pilot will board a vessel by pilot boat.

Marine Superintendent
Phone: +61 8 9184 7653
(Normal working hours)
Wheatstone Shipping Officer
Phone: +61 8 9184 7737
(Normal working hours)
Wheatstone Security Operations Centre
Phone: +61 8 9184 7744 
24 hours
Ashburton VTS
Phone: +61 8 9159 6556

Port entry is restricted and under the control of the Pilbara Ports Authority (PPA). Vessel activity is monitored and controlled by the Ashburton VTS service which is based in Dampier. 

The Port of Ashburton Shipping schedule can be requested through the PPA.

All marine notices for the Port of Ashburton can be found on the Pilbara Ports Authority website.

Please review the Department of Transport (DOT) requirements for vessels transiting Port of Onslow waters en-route to the Wheatstone Terminal. 

Vessel Type

Wind Limit
(10 Minute Average)

Tidal Current Limit
(Current Meter)


MOSS (Spherical) LNG Ships < 9,000 m2 longitudinal windage area

25 Kts

1.2 Kts

1.5 nm

MOSS (Spherical) LNG Ships > 9,000 m2 longitudinal windage area

20 Kts

1.2 Kts

1.5 nm

LNG Ships - Membrane < 217,000 m3

25 Kts

1.2 Kts

1.5 nm

Condensate Vessels

25 Kts

1.2 Kts

1.5 nm

Vessels are expected to align their passage plans with the Wheatstone Marine Pilot’s (or Terminal’s) passage plan, which are included in the reference documents below. 

These passage plans cover the transit of Port of Onslow to the Pilot Boarding Ground and are regarded as pilot's directions to the boarding ground prior to arrival. Discuss any clarifications to the recommended passage plan with the Duty Pilot.






Maritime Distress

Safety and Calling Channel

Internationally recognised general calling and emergency frequency. 



Port Movements

Port of Ashburton VTS controlled from the communications centre in Dampier under jurisdiction of PPA. Call sign "Ashburton VTS".




Channel used by WMT Pilots and Tugs for channel transits and mooring operations. Call sign "Wheatstone Pilots". 



General Port Operations

General working channel. 




Back up channel.