In April 2023, Chevron Australia moved into its new national headquarters at One the Esplanade, located on the waterfront in Perth CBD’s iconic Elizabeth Quay.  

The new building supports our workforce of more than 1500 people, with a purpose-built, vibrant and innovative office space designed with health, wellness and sustainability in mind.  

Developed in partnership with Brookfield, the 29-storey, multi-use tower incorporates more than 52,000 square metres of office space including lobby, exhibition spaces and conferences facilities and demonstrates Chevron’s long-term commitment and investment in Western Australia. 


working at one the esplanade 

our headquartersour headquarters

Our new building has been designed to prioritise the health and wellbeing of our people, setting a new standard for a premium office building in Australia.

We have optimised the way we network, socialise and collaborate with each other within the building and expanded our capacity to connect with our site locations from the office. 

Each floor has an intuitive and logical layout, providing excellent access to natural daylight and expansive views of the Swan River, Elizabeth Quay, the Supreme Court Gardens, Kings Park and beyond. The range of amenities on offer enable a productive work environment as well as a place where our workforce can socialise, relax and decompress.  

Amenities include: 

  • Informal and formal meetings spaces including conference floors, meeting areas, quiet retreats, an outdoor deck, auditorium and workforce café  
  • Fully equipped 24/7 gym and state of the art end of trip facilities 
  • Extensive cycle bays and end of trip facilities  
  • Medical centre and sleep pods  
  • A multi-purpose room / drop zone which includes recreational equipment for staff and older children of working parents to use 
  • Ad-hoc creche facility for Chevron parents to help with childcare 
  • Multi-faith room  
  • All gender bathrooms  
  • Parents room  
  • Stairs to encourage movement and over 6,000plants throughout the working areas are in response to the concept that humans feel and perform best when they’re connected to nature  
  • Thoughtful acoustic and sound design, including soundscapes to mask noise and minimise distractions

Our workplace has been designed with a people-focus to provide features and amenities that enable access and support independence in the workplace; supporting belonging, inclusion and opportunity.    

Features include: 

  • Support for vision and hearing impairments, such as braille signage and vocal directions in lifts 
  • Accessible features and workspaces, such as motion activated doors, height adjustable screens and accessible seating 
  • Accommodation for concentration and sensory needs, such as soundscaping, noise cancelling headphones and a variety of workspaces and focus areas.   

Built with a focus on minimising environmental and ecological impact, 1TE is a high performance, energy and resource efficient building that has excellent environmentally sustainable design ratings. The building has been designed to achieve leading sustainability ratings including WELL Platinum Certification and 6 Star NABERS and Green Star ratings. 



celebrating our connection to country

water colour artwater colour art

At the centre of One the Esplanade (1TE) is a commitment to diversity and inclusion – it’s a place for everyone to be their true self while at work and a reflection of the community in which we operate.  

Engaging with traditional owners of the site we are located on in was incredibly important and integral to the development of our headquarters. A deep relationship with the Cultural Architects - Barry McGuire, Carol Innes and Kim Collard as representatives of the Noongar community ensured a strong sense of place and representation of the site’s heritage that is seen and felt throughout the building.  

The Cultural Architects helped us to understand how Aboriginal stories, history and culture can be celebrated and valued throughout the building. This collaboration has significantly influenced key elements such as landscaping, naming, and theming of central spaces, and the development of unique Aboriginal artworks throughout the building. We thank them for their invaluable insights and guidance throughout the project. 


embracing artwork that tells a story

chevron australia art collectionchevron australia art collection

The Chevron Australia Art Collection on display throughout our headquarters at One The Esplanade represents Chevron’s past, present and future.

The Collection showcases the diverse talents of 33 West Australians among the total 44 emerging and established artists who contributed more than 300 pieces in a variety of artform mediums.

Each piece demonstrates our commitment to diversity and inclusion, reflects the environments and locations in which we work, highlights our relationships, and showcases our landmark location at the water’s edge of Elizabeth Quay.  

Find out more about the people behind the Chevron Australia Art Collection on display at One The Esplanade: