chevron australia downstream

leveraging global experience in fuels and lubricants, convenience marketing and supply

A photo of a Caltex station.

Chevron Australia Downstream, an Australian subsidiary of the Chevron Corporation, delivers quality fuel and lubricant products and services, including via its national network of Caltex service stations.

Caltex – a brand owned by Chevron globally – has been present in Australia for more than 70 years. Caltex customers receive a warm and friendly service and take advantage of the specially formulated fuel system-cleaning ingredient Techron®, available in all grades of fuel at the Caltex service stations.

Chevron Australia Downstream also owns and operates three product import terminals. We deliver products and services to a range of industries including mining, resources, agriculture, transport, marine and aviation. We offer services such as bulk fuel supply, oils and lubricants, fuel equipment solutions, customised fleet fuel card solutions and expert advice on fuel management and health and safety.