feature michelle mippy - president of chevron's boola moort employee network

Michelle Mippy
At Chevron Australia, diversity and inclusion is embedded in the way we work. Our employee diversity networks are a place to connect, share and learn. 

Formed in 2008, Boola Moort promotes cultural understanding and mutual respect between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal cultures by providing opportunities to develop knowledge, skills and abilities to work comfortably and openly with Aboriginal peoples. 

Noongar woman, Boola Moort President and Human Resources Administrator Michelle Mippy began her career at Chevron through the Aboriginal Traineeship Program.

“When the network began, it was a small group of Aboriginal employees. Today, as its name suggests, Boola Moort – a Noongar phrase meaning ‘many people’ – is one of our largest employee networks and is led by a collaborative group of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal colleagues,” said Michelle.
“By increasing awareness and understanding of Aboriginal culture, we aim to create an inclusive working environment where people are valued for their diverse perspectives, experiences and contributions. Collaborating with other Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal employees to achieve this vision has been an incredibly rewarding experience.”

Michelle Mippy

Chevron Australia Human Resources Administrator and Boola Moort President

Throughout the year, Boola Moort coordinate a number of events including on-country cultural experiences, networking and mentoring opportunities, and cultural awareness training. 

“Sharing my history and culture with my colleagues continues to strengthen the pride I have in myself, my work and my culture which, as a mother, is very close to my heart,” said Michelle.

“The effects of inclusivity are tangible and extremely impactful. By elevating understanding of Aboriginal culture among our workforce, we are helping to make real and lasting benefits that extend beyond our company and into the community.”
An Aboriginal man conducting a smoking ceremony with two other people standing nearby

A smoking ceremony organised by Boola Moort during NAIDOC Week 2019.

In 2017, Michelle completed the Chevron-sponsored Yorga Djenna Bidi program delivered by the Western Australian Aboriginal Leadership Institute.

“Yorga Djenna Bidi reenergised my professional and personal development by highlighting the important synergies between the two. Reconnecting with my culture and learning from other strong, empowered Aboriginal women encouraged me to pursue further career opportunities and obtain my post-graduate qualifications. 

As Boola Moort President, I strive to mirror this experience for our Aboriginal employees and provide opportunities for professional development which also support and celebrate our cultural perspectives.”

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