feature supporting community spirit in onslow

Aerial shot of Onslow

At Chevron Australia we want to help build better and stronger communities because we are part of the community.

The Chevron Community Spirit Fund offers donations of up to $5,000 to not-for-profit organisations operating in Onslow, the community closest to our Wheatstone operations.

This year, the fund has helped local organisations continue to make Onslow a thriving place to live and work – like the Onslow P&C, who are promoting healthy eating and lifestyle choices.

“Healthy eating and living plays a vital role in the development of our children. Choosing healthy foods and being active makes children more alert and engaged, increases energy levels and improves their mood. Starting this early makes a considerable impact to their life-long eating habits and growth,” said Onslow P&C President Kelly Jeffreys.

“The Chevron Community Spirit Fund allows the P&C to continue our passion of ensuring all children attending Onslow School are provided with fresh and healthy food and school events that promote physical activity, teamwork and community engagement.”

Kelly Jeffreys

Onslow P&C President

The Onslow OCCYS swim team also received a Community Spirit Fund grant, which will support the club’s end of season awards and training for team coaches.

At the Onslow Mens Shed, new tools and materials will help the group construct a range of small community projects, while the Ashburton Anglers fishing club will put their grant toward end of year celebrations and trophies.

The Onslow Community Spirit Fund invests in eligible programs which contribute to areas of health, education, economic development, environment and building a sense of community.

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