feature chevron horizons program at top of graduate list

General Manager HR Chris Watts with some of the Horizons graduate program participants

At Chevron Australia, we believe the greatest resources we have are human ingenuity, creativity and innovation. That’s why we invest in the next generation of problem solvers, equipping them to solve today’s biggest challenges and anticipate those on the horizon.

Chevron Australia was recently named one of the top graduate employers in the country through a nation-wide survey.

The Horizons graduate development program was ranked sixth in Australia’s Top 75 Graduates Employers list, published by the Australian Association of Graduate Employers.

The survey recognises organisations providing positive experiences for graduates in areas such as professional development, career progression, quality of work and company culture.

Chevron Australia General Manager Human Resources Chris Watts said the Horizons program supported new graduates in the first five years of their career journey through technical training, assignments and mentoring.

“The program provides accelerated competency development and a breadth of experiences in a variety of roles to kick start graduate careers at Chevron,” said Chris.
“Horizons has been running for more than 15 years and is part of our long-term commitment to employing skilled and diverse individuals whose talents, ideas and experiences drive our innovation and success.”

Chris Watts

Chevron Australia's General Manager Human Resources

Petroleum and chemical engineering graduate Lauren Bordessa joined Horizons in 2019 after completing the Intern Employment Program.

“Horizons is a great graduate program because it gives you the opportunity to gain experience in multiple areas through three different role rotations,” said Lauren.

“The length of the program may be longer than other graduate programs, however I feel the extra time you have in each role allows you to develop a stronger competency in that area and make a more meaningful contribution to your team.”

General Manager HR Chris Watts with some of the Horizons graduate program participants

General Manager Human Resources Chris Watts chatting with some of the Horizons Graduate program participants.

Lauren said her current rotation as a Field Drilling Engineer on the Gorgon Stage 2 expansion project has given her valuable exposure to the operational side of field development.

“What I’ve learnt will no doubt be invaluable when I return to my petroleum engineering discipline,” she said.

Aidan O’Connor commenced Horizons in October 2019, after completing university studies in accounting, finance and information technology, and agreed the opportunity to experience working in different roles was a key deciding factor.

“What I learnt at university was not quite enough to decide which specific role I wanted to work in, and I know the best way to decide this is through experience,” said Aidan.

“Chevron also purposefully take on a small number of Horizons participants and invest a lot into these graduates through training, mentoring, and overseeing committees. This is a huge advantage compared to some of the other graduate programs out there.”

For Instrumentation and Controls Engineer Mitch Barbara, the best thing about Horizons is the opportunity to take on meaningful work from the get-go.

“All the right support networks are in place to make sure you succeed and the work you do has a real tangible impact to the business,” said Mitch.

The Horizons program uses the Chevron intern employment program as its talent pipeline and recruits from that talent pool.

Applications for the summer intern employment program are advertised on the Chevron Careers website.

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