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Professor Fiona Wood reading a Ben and Bella Burnsafe Superheroes book to students.

Professor Fiona Wood reading a Ben and Bella story to students at Marmion Primary School.

Since 2013, we’ve helped the Fiona Wood Foundation improve outcomes for burns patients across Western Australia and beyond through cutting-edge research and community programs.

In a new education initiative, a children’s book series is raising awareness of key burns prevention and first aid methods through the story of burns safe superheroes, Ben and Bella.

World-renowned reconstructive surgeon and skin repair specialist Professor Fiona Wood said early prevention education is crucial to avoiding burns injury.

“If children read these stories or have the stories read to them by their teachers, mums and dads, it will help them become more aware of the dangers of scalds, flames and other hot objects, which will keep children and all of us more burn safe,” said Professor Wood.

The three-book series, with supporting teaching and learning activities, is centred around the three major causes of burn injury amongst paediatric patients: scalds, contact and flame burns.

Fiona Wood Foundation Ben and Bella Burnsafe Superheroes book launch.

Marmion Primary School principal Ian Herbert, Education Department primary, early childhood and education support director David Wanstall, Professor Fiona Wood and Chevron Australia chief medical officer Dr Max Hills.

“Knowing the correct first aid can make a significant difference in the need for surgery, rehabilitation and the long-term outcome."

Professor Fiona Wood

Support from Chevron Australia will see the Ben and Bella Burnsafe Superheroes prevention education program delivered across all Western Australian schools by 2022. 

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