COVID-19 privacy disclosures

Chevron Australia Pty Ltd and Chevron Australia Downstream Pty Ltd (collectively, Chevron) are committed to protecting your privacy. Some States and Territories have put in place public health orders or directions that require Chevron to collect certain personal information from customers who visit some of our retail premises.

Consequently, you may be asked to provide personal information about you when you visit our retail premises either manually (paper based) or through a sign in software system. We may collect all of some of the following: your name, email address, telephone number, date and time of entry to the premises, time period on the premises, date and time of exit from the premises.

We collect this personal information from you because we are required to do so by law, being the relevant State or Territory public health order or direction.

The purpose for which we are collecting your personal information is to assist in contact tracing should it be necessary where an individual with Covid-19 has been detected on our retail premises.

We may disclose your personal information to State, Territory and Federal Government contract tracers, when they request it.

If you do not provide us with your personal information, we may not be able to notify you that you are at risk of being infected with the Covid-19 virus because of your proximity to an infected person on our retail premises. You may be at greater risk of infection, serious infection, or death.

We will take reasonable steps to hold your personal information securely, and will delete your personal information from our systems according to the requirements of the relevant State or Territory public health direction or order (generally between 21 day and 56 days from the date of collection).

If you have any questions or complaints, please refer to the Data Privacy contact details set out in the main pages for our privacy statement.